Fulfillment & Distribution

Fulfillment & Distribution

Superior packing, shipping, and warehousing are all included


The end of the project is just as important as the beginning

Don’t lose 100% of your investment with substandard packaging or erroneous shipping. Box sizes are optimized through uniquely-sized custom kits from our box makers. And our Acc-U-Pack kit-packing technology works to ensure near-perfect accuracy.

Accessing live inventory and requesting shipments from our fulfillment centers are simple through our state-of-the-art online portal. 

Logistically, we just make sense

Shipping is one of the most overlooked savings opportunities. Our strategic locations in Los Angeles, Oranges County, Dallas, Chicago, and New Jersey allow us to cover over 86% of US shipments with 2-day Ground. For delivery to centers or to store-direct, distribution through Orora Visual can literally change everything about your go-to-market strategy. 

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