How we care for the environment

At Orora, we take the environment very seriously - it’s fundamental to everything we do

Orora values of Teamwork, Passion, Respect and Integrity underpin our Sustainability Framework, which highlights the comprehensive approach we take to address the impacts of our products, services and operations in three key areas:

Orora Sustainability Diagram 2018
  • People: we work to keep each other safe and to operate in a way that demonstrates respect for each other, the community and our customers.
  • Planet: we actively seek opportunities to manage the environmental impact of our operations and products.
  • Prosperity: we find innovative ways to create sustainable value and mitigate risk.

We develop pro-active initiatives in each of these key areas with a focus on building robust, responsible and respected operations that create customer value and operational value for our company.

A Pro-Active Concept

As a leader in the graphics industry, we recognize the need to care for the environment and are deeply committed to a goal of minimizing our footprint. Therefore, we developed and implemented eco-targets across all of our global business units to be a considerate and pro-active organization.

Orora Eco Targets

Recycling Resources

We have developed a partnership with our ink suppliers that enables us to recycle and reuse most of our surplus ink, of which there is little.

Active recycling programs for paper, board, and vinyl waste are in place at each of our facilities. And furthermore, items such as used computer monitors and computer components, used florescent light bulbs, and even used oil are all recycled.

We work closely with our people employees to educate them on ways to minimize waste. Last year, we recycled over 7 tons of paper, plastic and cardboard from each of our 5 facilities.

Stewardship For The Future

Sustainable Sourcing

Orora Visual SFI and FSC certification numbers

Some of our green substrates include:

  • Post-consumer Fiber Foamboard
  • Post - consumer Fiber Poster Paper
  • Recyclable Banner Vinyl
  • Bio-degradable Styrene
  • Bio-degradable Banner Vinyl
  • UV Inks, Post-consumer Fiber Chipboard
  • Recycle Poster Paper
  • Bio-degradable Poster Paper
  • Soy Inks
  • EnviroCling
  • Fabric banner materials

We look forward to working with you